2nd Berlin Illambra Experimental Film Festival

Salon am Moritzplatz

Entrance: free


2019's leading banner for our festival is:

"Below the Surface"

- May it be in the physical world or the human psyche, you will find and meet feelings, thoughts, worlds and stories that are always there living their own lifes.

The 2019 film program  is curated around experimental films where some have a stronger focus on rythm, movement and visuals and others their focus on a story being told.  The films are both documentary and fiction. We aim to present Auteur films that invite their audience in to the world that the film maker creates.

Many of the film makers will attend the festival and present their work, we hope that you will join us and them at our festival!


Each screening block is aprox. 1,5hours and there is a 30 minute break between each. 

Friday 18-2330 : narrative films

Saturday 18-2330 : non narrative films

We present the program in two parts :  on friday we will show films that have a stronger narrative and on saturday the ones that have either a vague one, bordering to none at all.


Silhouettes Iconique (LICHTPHON / IKONEN 1)

by Schahram Poursoudmand, website

Country of Origin: Germany

Length: 9 min 59 sec

Screens Friday 1800-1930


Silhouettes *Iconique* is the first part of the LICHTPHON Cycle Trilogy „IKONEN“ and shows loneliness, vulnerability, drama and poetry in devoted yearning and hope for deliverance. In a feverish intoxication, a timeless, unreal dream-state of a young woman arises, freezing in her loneliness and resignation and hallucinating with inner passion visions of freedom and her own salvation.


You are Venice

by Sergio Marquez

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Length: 7 min 10 sec

Screens Friday 1800-1930


You Are Venice' is a 7 min essay documentary film. By using found footage from tourists’ YouTube uploads, the film exposes the ‘infinity mirror’ of the modern tourist experience in Venice. By taking the plight of Venice as a metaphor, the film shows how Venice has become an ‘absolute fake’, a city where the notion of an ‘authentic experience’ is rendered ridiculous. Taking the theme of the ridiculous further, we are shown other ‘Venices’ that exist on the planet - those in Las Vegas, China and Dubai.


Of origins, part 2: Emma

by Irit Reinheimer, website

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 7 min

Screens Friday 1800-1930


"Emma" is a speculative love letter from the filmmaker to the great-grandmother she's not quite named after, using home movies, projections, and newspaper announcements to trace a shared, lost, fractured family geography.


To F- by 

by David Harkin

Country of Origin: Ireland

Length: 7 min 20 sec

Screens Friday 1800-1930


Partially shot on 8mm film and with a title deriving from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. 'To F- ' begins when Frances is haunted by an unexplained event and ends on a lonely stretch of sand by the sea.


The Distraction Towers

by David Baeumler

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 12 min 44 sec

Screens Friday 1800-1930


On the road to spiritual transcendence, a voice over artist gets lost in the forest. He makes some commercials along the way.


cache cache

by Megan Jedrysiak and Jackson Ammenheuser

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 13 min 09 sec

Screens Friday 1800-1930


A group of friends start a game of hide and seek. The melodramatic seeker deals with several losses as the friends they’re trying to find disappear. In the seeker’s search, they enter a game with different players, looking for objects instead of their friends. This turn creates a distorted mirror and a collective memory that challenges the seeker’s role in the game.


Lessons in Myth-Making

By Philomena Lauprecht

Country of Origin: Germany

Length: 15 min

Screens Friday 1800-1930

Medea is dead and with it, the mythical worldview. Pathos has been replaced by irony as we fast forward into the technocratic age of Medea's futuristic great grandchildren. Even though they don't want to travel back in time they still possess a desire to understand their origins. And like all children they play.

A Leaf

by Bishara Shoukry

Country of Origin: Egypt

Length: 17 min 30 sec

Screens Friday 2000-2130

A hand of a young woman moves on the chest of a man, lying on his bed coughing, the hand rubs the chest with a liquid.
An old woman’s hand pushes a goat’s skin milk bag, on which a child is swinging on it. From a bore in the belly of the bag, drips the milk on the old woman’s hand, and flows from the young one’s palm.
In the morning, when the house gets empty, Salma opens her eyes to the sound of a playful child swinging on the door of her room. When Salma attempts to fathom her, the child flees. Salma follows, yet couldn’t catch… and when Salma tries to trace the child’s footprints, following the same road the child went through, Salma herself disappears, leaving only an image on a water surface, or a reflection on glass.
And once the picture has restored life, and the belly gets enlarged with a life, the image leaves its place to another, and a life renounces its path to another… and a leaf falls, one of thousands that fall, daily, without being felt by anyone.

The Silent Masters

by Naïs Van Laer

Country of Origin: France

Length: 1h 13 min

Screens Friday 2000-2130

In the living matter of silence, a wolf pants. In the rustling of a deep forest, a young woman listens. Cindy learns bow hunting by Franck and goes in search of the animality that lies dormant in her.


Elena Universo

by Marga Almirall, instagram

Country of Origin: Spain

Length: 18 min

Screens Friday 2200-2330



by Stephan Larson, website

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 4 min 34 sec

Screens Friday 2200-2330


A short animation about life, birth, nature and industry.

The Farewell of Juan and Juan

by Anton Wenzel

Country of Origin: Germany

Length: 12 min 06 sec

Screens Friday 2200-2330


Juan for some reason is unhappy with his life and convinces Juan to leave the small colombian village in which they live. But everytime they start their journey something happens to hold them back. A short film about the search of happiness and the meaning of life itself.

Mal de ojo

by Maria Paula Diaz, instagram

Country of Origin: Chile

Length: 13 min

Screens Friday 2200-2330


Scraps of Paper

by Sven O. Hill

Country of Origin: Germany

Length: 24 min

Screens Friday 2200-2330


This film visits a Stasi records department to observe the people whose job it is to manually piece together millions of scraps of paper from torn-up Stasi documents. But reconstructing all the Stasi documents this way will take another 700 years.
And who wants to wait that long?  

by Karla Bauer
Country of Origin: Germany
Length: 5 min 37 sec

Screens Friday 2200-2330

Marinos is living a quiet life on the greek island Crete.
The sea is both his lover and enemy, it caresses and imprisons him. Speculations on a state of mind.

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