Berlin Revolution VOD Film Festival 

Salon am Moritzplatz, 2-3 May 2021

Welcome to our Filmfest!

Once per year we're hosting it in Berlin. 

We welcome new film makers to the platform and at the same time make a big PR towards local Berlin film fans.

The Filmfest also allows for all of us involved to meet up, get to know each other. Have fun, and maybe even start planning some new projects together.

We pay for accomodation for every film maker and their guests so that the travel to Berlin becomes a bit easier both financially and logistically.

At the event itself we'll host an exhibition, Masterclass by a surprise guest as well as parties alongside the main attraction which are the film screenings.

If you wish to participate please click the FilmFreeway Logo below.

Please note that for our 2021 edition we are only programming Feature Films (55+ minutes).

Previous Festivals

Il Kino 2018
Salon am Moritzplatz 2019

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