2nd Berlin Illambra Experimental Film Festival

Salon am Moritzplatz

Entrance: free


2019's leading banner for our festival is:

"Below the Surface"

- May it be in the physical world or the human psyche, you will find and meet feelings, thoughts, worlds and stories that are always there living their own lifes.

The 2019 film program  is curated around experimental films where some have a stronger focus on rythm, movement and visuals and others their focus on a story being told.  The films are both documentary and fiction. We aim to present Auteur films that invite their audience in to the world that the film maker creates.

Many of the film makers will attend the festival and present their work, we hope that you will join us and them at our festival!


Each screening block is aprox. 1,5hours and there is a 30 minute break between each. 

Friday 18-2330 : narrative films

Saturday 18-2330 : non narrative films

We present the program in two parts :  on friday we will show films that have a stronger narrative and on saturday the ones that have either a vague one, bordering to none at all.


Mirror effect

by Oliver Smith

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 3 min 10 sec

Screens Saturday 1800-1930


Mirror Effect is an abstract experimental film. It was made in 2018 using a section of circuit bent video. Central to the film is a figure like (head and shoulders) shape that undergoes many transformations. Electronic sounds accompany these changes. Mirror Effect is a non-narrative visual/sound exploration of light and form in the presence of time. Influences include Oskar Fischinger, Jordan Belson, Hy Hirsh and other Visual Music filmmakers.


by Luis Grane

Country of Origin: Japan

Length: 4 min 2 sec

Screens Saturday 1800-1930


A visitor immersed in Tokyo considers how the heavy set of implicit rules might take a toll on the individual psyche and mess with human instincts. People co-exist with animated cartoon characters and have imaginary interactions with ancestors by honoring traditions. Pachinko balls represent the influence from American culture.

Potion: Dark Matter

by Annie Maley, website

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 4 min 56 sec

Screens Saturday 1800-1930


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Lucid Dreaming

by Summa Cilem, website

Country of Origin: Germany

Length: 2 min 9 sek

Screens Saturday 1800-1930


A story about ocean fluids and the origins of all life based on water. Soft and vulnerable, the human soul. Tying to connect again, with what we have lost over time. Water, emotions and the senses that were given to us that let us connect with our roots in nature.


by Matthe Lo Re

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 2 min 14 sek

Screens Saturday 1800-1930

Three year journey


by Perrine Liévois & Hadrien don Fayel, website

Country of Origin: France

Length: 29 min 22 sec

Screens Saturday 1800-1930

Obsessed with herself, Emma observes the others absent-mindedly.


Ultimas Ondas

by Emmanuel Piton, website

Country of Origin: Spain

Length: 41 min 25 sec

Screens Saturday 2000-2130


Últimas Ondas is a travel in the lost villages of northern Spain, meeting the last people who live in these deserted places.


The Last Step of an Acrobat

by Cesare Bedogne, website

Country of Origin: Italy

Length: 29 min 

Screens Saturday 2000-2130


This film appeared to us, as it unfolded almost by itself, day after day while shooting, as a mythical fairy-tale about dead sea creatures and the desire to fly - Death and Flight, that cannot exist without one another.
Like a dream, it is based on a series of interconnected visions, longings and forebodings that could not possibly be reduced to a unity of meaning. As life itself. Or as the sea, which is always changing and yet remains the same, unable to betray its mystery.
More like a visual poem than a narrative film, it is the story of an Equilibrist suspended on the slack rope of existence, her own territory - the thin and always changeable borderland joining all opposites, Sky and Earth, Life and Death, Light and Shadow, Elsewhere and Nowhere.


by Juan Rod

Country of Origin: Spain

Length: 5 min 30 sec

Screens Saturday 2000-2130


On the other side of the world, time is infinite and far away. Bodies dive the sand


Ectoplasm IV

by Megan Moore, instagram

Country of Origin: Canada

Length: 5 min 3 sec

Screens Saturday 2000-2130


Ectoplasms depicts the decay and dripping of photographs. The weight of gravity imbues the substance with a wraith-like quality. The images initially seem static, but then they begin to move around the viewer in ways that defy gravity and orientation. They disappear through an unrecognizable mode of decay. As the viewer tries to place the imagery, they simultaneously grapple with its disappearance.


by Martha Ormiston

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 6 min 9 sec

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


A piece of bread gets buttered.



by Jin Woo, instagram

Country of Origin: Korea

Length: 6 min 30 sec

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


There are Appa, Daughter, and kid living in the mountain.
Appa wants to feed his daughter, but she wants to run away from the table.



by Shon Kim, website

Country of Origin: Korea

Length: 7 min 31 sec

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


OOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation to give new cinematic life to book.

It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema. Animation links Book to Cinema. Along the way, it experiments Locomotion based on Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey.

It experiments locomotion of Dance along with its stream: Ballet-Korean dance-Modern dance-Jazz dance-Aerial Silk-Tap dance-Aerobic-Disco-Break dance-Hip hop-Social dance.

Miss Park Project #1

by Yongchu Shu

Country of Origin: Korea

Length: 7 min 35 sec

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


Miss Park Project #1 is a 3-channel animated work that summon the women from old, faded photographs of modern Korean history to the present day. It is a kind of ritual for the myriad lives of women that cannot be singularly symbolized and defined.

Trapped Ghost

by Hui-Ying Hsieh, facebook

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Length: 10 min

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


The original materials for this movie include 135 film and super 8 mm films. By decomposing the gelatin emulsion, these incredible images appear.
I create textures sometimes with purpose and sometimes without one. Turns out, some looks like burning and some becomes virus intrusion.
When the emulsion strips, looking at them, I suddenly realize my imagination on images. And they immediately disappear.
Therefore I edit this film as a farewell to “the imagination of images”. To mourn the disappearance and to see the substance of image.

Slippages Grace

by Kathy Smith, website

Country of Origin: USA

Length: 10 min 13 sec

Screens Saturday 2200-2330


Set against the austere landscape of the Australian bushland, overlapping images of ever increasing clarity inform Grace’s consciousness as she moves toward the end of her life. Proof of her existence through the many experiences, take on a personal symbology; these include kittens, stolen houses, car rides, cockatoos and horses across multiple moments and immersive environments.

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