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We founded the platform as an alternative to the mainstream streaming sites and to the jungle of vimeo and youtube. On self distribution platforms there's no good access to curated content for users, and as a film maker you have to build your own channels and audience which is A LOT of work and requires a large number of quality titles to draw an audience which no single film maker has on their own. On the bigger platforms however you do have curated content and a large number of titles are offered, you also got marketing, people working on the all the aspects of distribution towards audience etc - but there's only big mainstream productions.

What we do is that we act as a proper Streaming Platform but we host self produced below the radar films.

And we distribute the revenue fairly : 50/50 where all film makers with works on the platform gets an equal share based on number of films they have on the site.

We started 2018 and right now until end of 2020 our main goal is to build the site and add content. If you have films you think would be a good fit, we'd be happy to hear from you. If you are interested in real indie film making and wish to support our work and thereby all the film makers at our site - please consider signing up for a subscription at illambra! 


We run a author driven Streaming site, we believe that it is interesting and entertaining to be able to follow an artists filmography over time. You can access each director's page through the author section.


Illambra is a home for True Independent Art house and Experimental Genre Films from all over the world! Witty, sincere, daring. Quiet, flamboyant, discrete. Happy, angry and rough – we present a wide quality collection of personal artistic expression through film!


All revenue gathered from subscriptions and pay-ver-views is split 50/50 with film makers, as a user you do not only get access to these unknown gems but you help support indie film making too!

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